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Windscreen Frost Shield


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Snap-on magnetic frost shield protects your windscreen from frost, ice and snow.

Secures in seconds with seven integrated heavy-duty magnets.

Flaps tuck in on both sides.

Made from 100% polyester.

Be prepared and beat the frost this winter with this quick-fit Windscreen Frost Shield, which secures in seconds with seven integrated heavy-duty magnets. Side flaps tuck into closed doors securing the windscreen frost cover firmly in place for peace of mind in windy conditions. Providing all-weather protection, apply to front or rear windows to protect from frost, ice and snow in the winter months, and blistering sun, bird droppings and tree sap in the summer months. Made from 100% polyester with magnets the windscreen frost protector folds away neatly into its integrated storage pouch .

Measures L160xW96.5cm.

Hand wash only.