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Hot Water Bottle Slippers


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Comforting warmth for your feet

Ideal for: Poor Circulation, Arthritis, Cold Feet

Stays warm for a couple of hours

No batteries or mains electricity required

Suitable for up to foot size 9

Are you getting cold feet about the coming winter? Well here’s some good news in the inviting shape of this very effective foot warmer. Reassuringly old-fashioned in concept, the Hot Water Bottle Slippers comprise a 1.8L conventional rubber hot water bottle in a thick fleecy cover which has two integral slipper slots for your feet. No batteries or mains electricity required. You just fill the rubber bottle with hot water and slip your feet into the all-enveloping slippers for gentle warmth and comfort. Useful throughout the day and night, it heats in minutes and stays warm for a couple of hours. Ideal if you suffer from poor circulation, arthritis or cold feet, the fleece cover is removable and washable. Suitable for up to foot size 9, it measures L38xW27cm and 5cm high without water.