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Colour Changing 150 LED Strip Light (5m)


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Make the mood magical with a galaxy of coloured star lights

Comprising 150 brilliantly bright LEDs – Red, blue, green, white and 16 other colours and 6 colour DIY options to create a vast array of multi-coloured displays

Adjustable for 8 levels of brightness

Length 5 metres

Celebrate in style, party with panache – its easy to create a brilliant, celebratory atmosphere with these spell-binding lights.

The lights have a memory function that stores the last colour mode you have selected. Operated via a 44-key brightness and dimmer remote-control with a 8m range, while the self-adhesive tape can be cut to length for stripping around windows, along furniture, on walls and up staircases. Ideal for Christmas, birthday and anniversary parties, wedding receptions and house warmings, these lights have a decorative potential that’s as limitless as your imagination. Supplied with 12V power adaptor, simply plug and play without any wiring required. Non-waterproof, so mainly for indoor use.